Back Adjustments and Life Change

Often we become impatient concerning the changes that we want to see. It matters little whether those changes are in our own lives or in the lives of someone else. We want change to happen quickly, instantaneously; we want to start something and get immediate results. When we do not get results quickly enough we get frustrated. This has happened in my life several times, whether it was an exercise program, a new reading plan, a study plan or something else that I wanted to make into a new habit.


The most powerful lesson I learned about change came from going to the chiropractor. I started going when I was about 18 years old, and still continue to go at age 36. What the chiropractor taught me; though it took me a few years to catch on to it; was that the change that I desired was not going to come in one visit.

One chiropractor said: “It’s true there are rare instances in which a single visit can produce the pain relief that many patients seek. However, the effect is often short lived”. He went on to say, “A single “miracle” adjustment rarely produces permanent change”.

If I had to paraphrase what I learned (finally) from my years of chiropractor visits, it is this: the change I am wanting will not come in one big visit. On the contrary it will come because small changes were made consistently over a long period of time.

I believe that the same thing is also true in many other areas of life. The change that we want to see, most of it is not coming in one big moment. See, I do not believe we have a problem of working for change; it is just that change takes so long. If we could do a workout program for a day or two and be changed we would be happy. Unfortunately most changes don’t come that quickly and we give up.

Most changes come when we make small consistent corrections, over a long period of time. The majority of changes that happen and stay have come this way for me. It is more of a lifestyle of change, than a one – time moment.

I believe that all people can change, at the same time I also believe that most of the changes that we so long for take a little time. Most of them take more time than we would like. But, if we can be patient, change will come.

In conclusion I am not saying that big change cannot happen or that we cannot change something in one moment and never have to deal with that situation again. I also recognize that there are times when we really need big change quickly and we have to be certain when those times come. I am just suggesting that that scenario happens far less than what we would like, and it would be wise to be patient waiting for change.

What are your experiences concerning change? What is your experience will big instant change? What is your experience with small long waiting time change?


One comment on “Back Adjustments and Life Change

  1. kives says:

    Small incremental changes often are better than large changes all at once. If you think back, most changes don’t happen overnight…they make small changes, a penny here, a nickel there…just enough for you to notice, but not quite enough for you to actually care and cause a scene. Ex. Gas prices go up consistently; they drop drastically then climb the ladder back up again. People think the big drop off is a good thing, but when the prices start going back up again little by little not much fuss is made. More people would be outraged at a significant increase verses a few cents here and there.

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